OB Awards
The Chairman’s Fund

This fund has been created to allow small donations to be made to any Old Bromsgrovians who are embarking on a worthwhile project, either as part of their degree course or to experience voluntary work.

Typically, the Club supports people on the kind of adventure run by Raleigh International who regularly organise expeditions to countries with very poor infrastructure. These projects often involve gathering scientific, geographic or anthropological information. There is sometimes a demand for teachers of English, Science and Art related subjects or those on the expedition may be called upon to build schools, community halls or local shops.

Medical degree courses usually require students to undertake a ‘Medical Elective’ as part of their training; in the past we have supported such students. Several Bromsgrovian medical students have worked in severely deprived third world countries whilst fulfilling their medical elective and the Bromsgrovian Club has been proud to support them.

The Chairman’s Fund allows the Club to give a small supportive donation, usually about £200 per applicant.

The Chairman’s Fund sets out to support shorter-term projects, of usually up to one month, and most often the venture undertaken by the student is controlled by a professional organisation and much of the preparation work is therefore taken out of the hands of the student.

To make an application please contact the alumni office in the first instance - oldbromsgrovians@bromsgrove-school.co.uk  

The Gauntlet Award

The Gauntlet Award is open to members of the Upper Sixth in their final year at Bromsgrove. It is primarily devised to help those taking a gap year.

To find out more please email oldbromsgrovians@bromsgrove-school.co.uk 
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