Please keep us informed of your career progression throughout your working life so that we can invite you to relevant events e.g. City receptions, and so that you can help younger OBs in future years.

During your time at School you will probably have used the Careers Department at one time or another so you know how important it is for current pupils. Part of the work that the Careers Department does relies on the network of Old Bromsgrovians, Parents and Friends of the School to help facilitate university/careers advice or to offer work experience and internships to current pupils and recent leavers. Whether it’s during your time at university, right at the start of your career or when you are well established in your chosen profession, we need your help and support.

Get involved Come in to School or go virtual using Zoom to talk to students about your degree course, university or career pathways, either one-to-one, in small groups or to the whole year group during Head of Year.

The Interview evenings, which take place at the start of the Upper Sixth, are a wonderful way to engage with professionals on a one-to-one basis in preparation for university entrance or job interviews. In recent years, more and more Old Bromsgrovians have returned to offer their support to this scheme.

Get involved If you are willing to spend one evening in School during the Michaelmas term to help with structured interviews, please contact Zia Leech at

More recently, the Careers Department has engaged Old Bromsgrovians whilst they are still at university. We’d love you to help current pupils when they are deciding on universities and courses, and show them what uni life is really like.

Get involved If you’d be willing to spend a morning or afternoon with current students on your university campus, please let us know.

The increase in recent leavers attending overseas universities has more than doubled. Are you attending an international university this year or in the near future? If so, you may be able to help us grow our pool of Old Bromsgrovians willing to discuss international university life with current students.

Get involved Tell us what international university life is like, what your course entails and why you chose an international university over any other.
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