Robin Alexander (School/Lyttelton)
d. February 2021
John Allan (Gordon 1949-1954)
d. 12 October 2021
Frederick Arthur Murray (Wendron 1942-1947)
d. 20th December 2015
Rev Courtney Atkin (Academic Staff 1959-1964)
d. 21st October 2015

Rev Courtney Atkin, who taught at Cobham House, Bromsgrove School, from the late fifties until 1964, died on 21st October 2015, ten days short of his 96th birthday.

A Service of Thanksgiving for a full life, well-lived, was held at the Parish Church of St Michael and All Angels, Ledbury, Herefordshire on 30th October 2015. ...
John M. Baron (School 1944-1948)
d. 26th July 2018

John Maurice Baron was born on 5th March 1930 to Hilda and Rupert in Hull. ...
Patrick Baron (School 1943-1948)
d. 3 May 2019

Patrick died on Friday, 3rd May 2019, in Norwich aged 87 years. Brother of John (School House 1944-1949 ). ...
Dr Joe Beck (Wendron 1951-1956)
d. 18th May 2017
George Bedford-Russell (Ws 2008-2011)
d. June 2016
Richard Ian Biddle (Gordon 1949-1954)
d. 26th August 2017
Peter Bishton (School 1961-1964)
d. October 2019
The Rev Roger Bowen (School 1960-1965)
d. 10th February 2017
Rev. J. Michael Brierley (School 1945-1950)
d. ...
Colin Broomfield (School 1974-1986)
d. 1st February 2020
Hedley Brunt (Cookes 1963-1968)
d. 6th July 2017
Paul Bryan (Gordon 1953-1958)
d. 27th June 2021
John Derek Burton (Gordon 1941-1944)

Born 10th October 1926 - Died 25th April 2020

Derek Burton passed away peacefully on Friday April 25th 2020 at Foxhunters Care Community in Abergavenny at the age of 93.
Derek was born in Bridgnorth in 1926. He attended Bromsgrove School as a boarder. ...
Mike Buswell (School 1950-1955)
d. 01/05/2020
Roger Buswell (School House/Millington 1948-1952)
d. 18th May 2015

Roger was a keen swimmer and sport-lover. He played Rugby at School in the winning XV during the 1949 season, and also the Millington XV in 1951. ...
Peter Malcolm Byng (Lupton 1960-1964)
Deceased date not known
Dr Lionel Cartwright (School 1968-1973)
d. Mary 2020
Norman John died suddenly at his home on 12th November 2015 aged 88 years. Devoted husband of Margaret, cherished father to Helen and Joanna and the late Peter. Much loved grandfather to nine grandchildren, John will be sadly missed. ...
Michael Chattin (Wendron 1953-1958)
d. September 2017
Mike Clements (Lupton 1949-1954)
Deceased date not known
Jack Connolly (Cobham/WG 1994-2005)
d. 7th January 2019
Martin Cook (1950-1954)
d. 9th April 2017
Roger Stafford Cooke (Wendron 1956-1961)
d. 16th December 2020
John Couch (S 42-47)
d. 14th November 2012

(Editor’s Note: We have only just been informed of Mr Couch’s death)

It is with sadness that we learned of the death of John Couch on 14th November, 2012. John was a prominent figure during his time at Bromsgrove and played
scrum-half in the School XV team. ...
Andrew Cox (School 1960-1966)
d. 13 March 2020
Brian Cox (Lyttelton 1942-1944)
d. 7 January 2020
Nigel Creese (1952-1955)
d. 29th August 2018

Nigel Creese died peacefully at his home in Australia on 29th August 2018, aged 91 years. He led Christ’s College Melbourne from 1963-1970. ...
George Edward 'Mac' Crichton (Lupton 1929-1935) died peacefully at home in Edinburgh on 22nd September 2016, aged 98.

He got a good Matric at 15 but his parents couldn't afford to send him to University so he left school a year later to become a Junior Clerk with Lloyds Bank at a salary of £70 per annum. He hated it from day one, but stuck it for three years and when his parents moved to Edinburgh he was able to start a degree course in Forestry at Edinburgh University, while living at home. ...
Keith Dunn (School 1950-1954)
d. 22nd December 2017
Graham Dunne (Lupton 1960-1965)
Deceased date not known
A. David Dyer (School 1940-1945)
d. 19th November 2016

David was Captain of the Bromsgrove School rugby team in 1944/5. ...
Christopher Edwards (Lupton 1955-1960)
d. March 2016
Robert Arthur Allen Edwards (Lupton 1937-1942)
d. 12th January 2017

Allan Edwards was fireproof. He became Managing Director of John Hall Ltd who made refractory products including firebricks for the Steel Industry. ...
Nicholas Esson (School House 1964-1969), d. 20th February 2015. Eulogy, read by John Williams

Thank you for coming today to celebrate Nick’s life. ...
David Evans (Lyttelton 1948-1953)
d. Summer 2018
Jonty Fallows (Wendron 1954-1959)
d. September 2019
John Faull (Gordon 1946-1951)
d. 21st June 2017
Christopher Firminger (School 1977-1982)
d. 27 February 2021
(Former Governor)
d. 19th November 2014
David Hilary Foster-Smith (School 1949-1954)

Foster-Smith DH, the eldest of three brothers, was born in Llaneilian, Anglesey. The son of a retired Manager of the Para Electric Company in Brazil and his wife Joan, a descendant of the founder of the Birmingham banking firm, Lloyds. Soon after his birth, his father left to manage the Frontino Gold Mines in Colombia and David and his mother followed out later. ...
Leslie G. Francis (Wendron 1939-1942)
d. 1st July 2018

Leslie won a scholarship to Bromsgrove and was due to start at the School aged 13 in 1939 However, he was diverted along with the rest of the Bromsgrove to Llanwrtyd Wells. ...
Nick Franklin (Wendron 1962-1966)
d. 16th August 2020
Ian Fraser (Gordon 1953-1958)
d. 28th January 2019
Catherine Freer (nee Hancox, 1991-2000)
d. 20 February 2021

Cath attended Bromsgrove Lower and Upper Schools from 1990 – 2000 where she was in Hazeldene House. After A levels, she went to Aberystwyth University attaining a Geography BSc and subsequent PGCE in early years teaching. ...
Major John Gardner (School 1940-1944)
d. Early 2016
Robert Guthrie Gifford (Elmshurst 1964-1969)
d. 27th July 2016

Robert (Bob) passed away on 27th July. The funeral will be held at St John the Baptist Church in Aldbury on Tuesday, 16th August at 11. ...
David Gittins (Wendron 1946-1951)
d. 1st March 2018
Sir Iain Glidewell, QC
d. 8th May 2016
J. Myles Griffiths (School/Lyttelton)
d. 3rd July 2021
William John Griffiths (School 1952-1955)
d. 5th May 2016
Peter Grindal (Elmshurst 1956-1961)
d. 26th February 2018
Clive Gummow (Gordon 1952-1957)
d. 08/08/2019
John Gunton (Academic Staff 1957-1992)
d. 18 June 2021
John Anthony Haggett LLM (Wendron 1950-1955)
d. 18th June 2015

John died on 18th June 2015 having pursued a full and distinguished legal career in the Midlands.

He took both his degrees at the University of Birmingham on leaving Bromsgrove. ...
Professor Roy Martin Haines M.A., M. ...
Professor K. Brian Haley
Deceased date not known
Bernard Hall-Mancey (Former Academic Staff 1975-1987)
d. 2 Apri 2020
Don Hamilton (Former Staff 1958-1962)
d. April 2019 (exact date not known)
Rev Peter Hammersley (Wendron 1949-1954)
d. 9 June 2020
Mrs Jenny Harding (Former Support Staff)
d. 19th December 2017
David Harvey (Gordon 1954-1958)
d. 29th August 2019
Michael Harvey (Gordon 1953-1958)
d. March 2017
Christopher Messiter Hatton (Lupton 1968-1972)
d. 26th August 2018

Looking at the obituaries in both the ‘Birchfield Alumni’ and ‘Bromsgrovians Connected’ magazines, I was in two minds as to whether to write an obituary for my brother as most seem to be of boys who made a greater mark on the world than my brother. But I thought perhaps, those who remembered him from their school days would like to know what he did with his life. ...
Christopher John Hawthorne (Elmshurst 1944-1949)
d. 20th June 2017
Lucy Hayward (Hz 1994-2004)
d. November 2015
Timothy Hayward (Former Academic Staff)
d. 25th January 2016

Major Tim Hayward made a unique contribution to Bromsgrove School from 1975 to 1997. After years of outdoor life in Zimbabwe, Tim and Gail as a couple relished the fresh challenges and opportunities of an English day and boarding school. ...
James H. Heward (School 1953-1956)
d. 29th March 2015
William Richard Hickman (Elmshurst/Oakley 1949-1958)
d. 24th July 2017
Colin Rawson Hill (Gordon 1956-1962)
d. 3 June 2020

Colin has sadly passed away after a short stay in hospital. He had recently moved to Sunrise care home in Shirley as the Alzheimer’s he’d been suffering from for the last ten years progressed. ...
Tony Hilton (Gordon 1945-1950)
d. 10th September 2019
John Hines (Wendron 1944-1949)
d. 18th November 2018
Mathew Hodge (Walters 1988-1993)
d. 20th September 2018
William A. Hodgetts (School 1955-1960)
d. 12 October 2019
Alastair Hogarth (Cookes 1962-1967)
d. 30th August 2017

Old Bromsgrovian, Alasdair John Hogarth, who has died aged 67 years was the former headmaster at Archbishop’s School in Canterbury and went on to establish a charity to raise money for schools in Africa.

Mr Hogarth came from Bromsgrove and was the son of Wendy and the late George Hogarth. ...
W.G. Holmes (Former Academic Staff 1972)
Deceased date not known
John Holyoak (School 1937-1940)
d. 19 February 2020
Anthony John Horton (School 1955-1959)
d. 21 June 2021
George Robert Houston (Gordon 1959-1963)
d. 8 March 2021

George sadly passed away in Paisley Hospital in his 75th year.

On leaving Bromsgrove School, George graduated in Chemistry at Bristol University and followed this with a teaching degree prior to joining the teaching staff at Glemalmond College in Perthshire, where he became very involved in many of the college outdoor pursuits and cadet force activities. ...
Philip Hoyle (School 1962-1967)
d. 21st July 2016
Alan Hurlbut (Former Staff 1969-1975)
d. October 2017
R. Hurst (Former Academic Staff)
Deceased date not known, c. 1970
Richard Illsley (Gordon 1954-1959)
d. 3rd February 2019
Richard Jarvis (Gordon 1950-1956)
d. 23 May 2021
Charles Jay (School House 1937-1941)
d. April 2015
Geoffrey John CBE (School 1947-1951)
d. 20th August 2018

Geoffrey Richards John CBE 25th March 1934 - 20th August 2018 (School House 1947-1951)

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Geoffrey John, a distinguished Old Bromsgrovian and great servant of our School for almost five decades.

Geoffrey joined us from Llanelly Grammar School in 1947. ...
Sir Paul Judge (former School Governor)
d. 21st May 2017
John Spencer Kendon (1939-1942)
d. 12th April 2016

John Spencer Kendon (known as Spencer) died peacefully after a short illness aged 91 on 12th April 2016. After leaving Bromsgrove School, Spencer joined the RAF and trained as navigation crew to fly Wellington bombers, he was discharged in July 1946 having reached the rank of Sargent. ...
Colin Kleiser (School 1950-1955)
d. 20th May 2018
Margot Langley (Cobham/Mary Windsor 1983-1988)
d. May 2017
Nicola Lean (O 1987-1992)
d. 19th November 2014
James Leek (Elmshurst 1957-1962)
d. 6 April 2020
Peter Lee-Smith (Prep Headmaster 2001-2008)
d. 13 February 2021
W. R. Littleton (Former Academic Staff)
Deceased date not known
Eric Lloyd (Gordon 1937-1942)
d. 2nd November 2017
Lindsay MacDonald (Hz 1985-1990)
d. 26th September 2015
Jeremy Mallet (Lupton 1958-1963)
d. 15 April 2019
James (Angwin) Marples (Lupton 1946-1951)
d. 25th January 2016
John Marshall (School 1950-1954)
d. 26 June 2017
Dr Stephen Marsh-Smith (School 1964-1968)
d. 8th August 2020

Reprinted from the Wye & Usk Foundation:

Yesterday came with the very sad news of the passing of Stephen Marsh-Smith, the founder of the Wye and Usk Foundation.

Stephen leaves a long-lasting legacy to the Foundation as well as to the rivers trust and environmental movement. ...
E. W. B. ...
Homer McCririck (Lupton 1936-1941)
d. 30th January 2017
John McGregor-Smith (Gordon 1948-1953)
d. October 2018
A. R. Morcom (Former Academic Staff)
Deceased date not known
Ieuan Morgan (School 1956-1960)
Deceased date not known
G. Edward (Ted) Morris (Lupton 1942-1947)
Deceased date not known
Gordon Leslie Moss (Gordon 1959-1964)
d. 2017
Gbemisola Mumuni-Numa (Lupton 1980-1981)
d. 9 February 2020
William Murray (Wendron 1958-1963)
d. January 2016
Brian Naylor (Gordon 1943-1947)
d. 19th February 2016
Donald Munro Neil (School 1957-1962)
d. 30 August 2020
Hilary Newton (Former Staff)
d. 11th April 2017
Stanley Nicholls
Deceased date not known
Dick Noake (Elmshurst 1959-1964)
d. 21/04/2020
Harry Raymond Orme (Gordon 1947-1952)
Deceased date not known

Harry was in Gordon House from 1947 to 1952. He did his National Service in the Royal Marines and after a career in industry, he settled in Solihull where he was able to indulge in his love of golf.

His funeral service was taken by the Vicar of Preston Pagot on Wednesday, 28 March 2019 and refreshments after the service were provided at Olton Golf Club where the members turned out in force. ...
Stuart Ormerod (Cookes 1969)
d. August 2018
Maureen Parmee (Former Teaching Staff)
d. 19th December 2017
David Paul (Gordon 1938-1942)
d. 18 May 2020
Anthony Roger Peirson
June 6, 1946 - October 29, 2015
(Wendron 1959-1964)

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Roger Peirson at the age of sixty-nine. With his loving wife of forty-five years, always at his side, he lost his battle with cancer on October 29, 2015. Roger bravely waged a fierce six week fight against cancer with the support of his family and friends and was immensely appreciative of everyone's kindness. ...
Lance Pickering (Gordon 1976-1981)
d. 4th November 2016
Alfred Norman Piddock
(Wendron 1930 – 1934)

d. 5th December 2019

Probably one of Bromsgrove’s older alumni, Norman died at the age of 103, having led a very full and, indeed, fulfilled life.
Norman was born on August 28th 1916 in Kingswinford, where he grew up with his mother, father and two older brothers, Geoffrey and Hurley. ...
Brian Pooler (Wendron 1955-1960)
d. December 2018
A. Porter (Former Academic Staff)
Deceased date not known
Clive Power (Gordon 1951-1955)
d. 31st January 2016
Richard Preece (Gordon 1937-1942)
d. 9 June 2021
Roger Pritchett (Gordon 1942-1953)
Deceased date not known
Robert Pruden (School 1955-1960)
d. 27th September 2016
Dr John Race (School 1949-1952)
d. 8th October 2018
Michael Roxburgh (Elmshurst 1949-1953)
d. 5th June 2016
Clem Schilizzi (1957-1982)
d. November 2018
John Shakespeare (School 1945-1949)
d. 2nd January 2019
Peter Simpkiss (School 1953-1956)
d. 15 September 2019

Peter Simpkiss died at Beaconsfield Tower Nursing Home, Ramsey, in his 87th year.

Peter Frederick Simpkiss of Ballaconley, Jurby East passed away after a long illness borne with exceptional courage and dignity. ...
Anthony Eric Smith (Lupton 1953-1958)
d. 27th November 2018
Richard Sydenham Smith (School 1939-1944)
d. 24 December 2020
Roydon Eric Snape (School 1934-1939)
d. 9th January 2017
John Stallard (School 1940-1045)
d. 3rd August 2016
Andrew Startin (Gordon 1954-1957)
d. 13th November 2015

Andrew Howard Startin, an Old Bromsgrovian from the 1950s, died on November the 13th 2015. Brave to the end. ...
John Frank Swallow (School 1947-1952)
d. 6th October 2016
John Taylor (Wendron 1955-1960)
d. 28th May 2017
Richard Taylor (Lupton 1950-1955)
d. February 2019
Sally Taylor (nee Adams, Oakley 1975-1984)
d. 2019 - deceased date not known
David Robert Thomas (Gordon 1942-1947)
d. 12th January 2018
Harry W H A Thompson (Lupton 1954)
d. February 2018
Christopher Thomson (School 1951-1956)
d. 2017
Simon Vickers (Walters 1970-1975)
d. 14th February 2016
Anthony Walters (School 1952-1955)
d. 5 March 2020
E. H. S. ...
Raymond Way (Wendron 1951-1956)
Deceased date not known
John Weir (Wendron 1947-1951)
d. 16/02/2019
R.A.B. ...
Revd Alan White (Former Staff 1956-1964)
d. 19th May 2017
Mrs Iris White (Headmistress of Ottilie Hild School 1978-1987)
d. February 2018

Many OBs will be saddened to hear of the death of Iris White. Mrs White was the much loved and respected Headmistress of The Ottilie Hild School from 1973 to 1987. ...
John White (Lupton 1958-1963)
d. 18th May 2016
Philip 'Simon' Wilkins (Elmshurst 1965-1970)
d. 21st July 2016

Philip (Simon) passed away on 21st July. The funeral takes place today, Thursday 4th August at 1. ...
Dr David Williamson (School 1940-1944)
d. 28th May 2017
Hamish Wilson (Former Parent)
d. 22 September 2019
Rev. John Withers (Elmshurst 1951-1956)
d. 20 January 2020
Roger Wones (Cookes 1964-1969)
d. 2nd October 2018
John Wood ('Tony')
(Elmshurst 1945-1949)
d. 18th November 2020
Lt. Col A. Richard Wood (Wendron 1956-1961)
Date of death unknown
Richard Wood (Elmshurst 1977-1982)
d. February 2016
Roger Bryan Savage Wood (Gordon 1952-1957)
d. 24th March 2016

Roger sadly passed away with heart failure on 24th March 2016. His funeral service was attended by more than 300 people at The Church of St. ...
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